Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow


If you travel a lot or if you have a desk job then you should already know how uncomfortable it can be to keep sitting with your feet down for so long. We know how it feels which is why we designed this leg rest travel pillow for kids and adults to provide you with a super soft and comfy pillow for your feet to keep them elevated.


Our travel foot rest pillow is designed to keep your feet comfortable when you’re at work or traveling by providing your legs and feet with a comfy pillow to rest on. We use the most durable, soft, and environmentally friendly PVC flocking that is both comfy and durable to ensure you stay relaxed no matter how long the journey.


Travelling with a baby or toddler on a long flight or train ride can be a truly challenging experience for parents. PremiumJourney inflatable airplane foot pillow acts as a kids travel pillow and bed to provide you with a convenient, super comfy and safe bed for your baby to make sure they can sleep comfortably to ensure a stress-free traveling experience for you - best airplane sleeping experience!


Thanks to its lightweight and 2 valve design, it’s easy to carry and lets you adjust the height to make sure it’s just right for you or your baby. This inflatable travel footrest is the perfect way for adults to rest their feet when sitting or traveling and as a soft airplane pillow to keep your neck in a relaxed position.


This travel feet air pillow is designed with extra-large valves that make inflating and deflating easier, faster and hassle free! There’s no air pump needed. Just open the valve cover, blow it for 15 seconds and you’ll have a perfectly inflated foot pillow ready. Unlike other foot rest pillows, it retains up to 90% air even after hours of use to ensure lasting comfort.


If any quality issues occurs during the first 60 days of your use, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service is 24/7 !!! We’re confident that you and your baby will love this inflatable footrest pillow and kids bed which is why we offer a 60 Day Customer Satisfaction Warranty.

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