Lyft Offers 10% Off All For Customers Via New Subscription Program

If you’re a Lyft customer, check your in app offers for a new pilot program the company has launched. The new offer allows customers to pay a flat $14.99 monthly subscription and save 10% on an unlimited number of rides.

With the new subscription you can book any type of Lyft ride and save 10% on all of your rides each month. Of course if you don’t spend more than $150 per month on Lyft rides this really isn’t a deal for you. But if you are a constant Lyft customer, this new subscription plan might be a great way to save some money on all of your Lyft rides each month.

Whether you try out the new subscription plan or not, make sure you are maximizing your use of Lyft by using the right credit card for your rides and subscriptions.

Of course Lyft offers a number of partnerships with other brands as well, so be sure to link those accounts together to really maximize those earnings and rewards. If you’re a new comer to the ride share world, check out our tips on how to be a good passenger.

Source: thepointsguy

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