Hilarious: WestJet Flight Attendant’s Slapstick Safety Briefing

A WestJet flight attendant just made my day…and I wasn’t even there to witness it live.

Michael McAdam is a veteran WestJet flight attendant who enjoys his job. And he knows that the best way to get passengers to pay attention to safety briefings is to grab their attention and entertain them. And boy does he do that…in a way that had me laughing very hard.

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I could describe it, but best if you just watch the video below:

The oxygen mask gag is simply priceless! And once he is done in English, he does it again in French!

McAdam has been doing this for years…you can see from the 2015 video below that his shtick hasn’t changed much…nor does it need to.

He also gets on the intercom as well…

I’m the kind of guy who usually rolls my eyes if I find myself on Southwest Airlines and a flight attendant tries to be humorous. I’m also generally not impressed with Air New Zealand’s attempts at humor in their safety videos. But this video just reminded me of Mr. Bean and Little Britain and the Three Stooges…my favorite type of comedy.


It’s nice to start off the day with a good laugh. I hope you enjoyed these videos, which serves as a nice reminder that sometimes we take life seriously by not taking it so seriously.

image: Michael McAdam / Facebook

Source: liveandletsfly

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