British Airways Pilots Have Voted to Strike

If you saw last week’s tip on the subject, you knew that British Airways pilots were considering a strike. Well, the vote among British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) pilots went through yesterday, and it’s official: a strike, aka industrial action, has the support of the pilots.

As reported by the BBC, “93% of [BALPA] members had voted in favour of industrial action. A strike would likely cause severe disruption, as Balpa represents about 90% of the airline’s pilots.” BALPA noted that it “still hoped that the dispute could be resolved,” so dates of the strike are not yet known, but the strike seems likely to happen. British Airways will request “an injunction [today] in the High Court to halt any potential strike action.”

If the injunction is approved, “the union would have to give British Airways a minimum of two weeks’ notice of any action, meaning the earliest any action could could take place is 6 August.” If you’re flying BA before August 6, you should be fine, but check in on your flights before you depart. If you’re booked with BA in August or September, this is a hugely important development. Your best bet is to get in touch with the airline to see what your options are, just in case. For now, @BALPApilots is a good place to look for updates.

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More on the situation (current as of 10:20am ET July 23, 2019)

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