A man was ejected from a Spirit Airlines flight for lighting up a cigarette at his seat. His reaction, when a FA confronts him, is priceless.

I normally would avoid a story like this, especially for the reason I will address below, but the man’s reaction to being caught just made me laugh:

Somebody come look at this ?

Posted by Donni Bee on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Like, really buddy? You just had no idea that you couldn’t smoke on an airplane? But perhaps that is unfair.

The flight was headed to Minneapolis and police met the man upon arrival and escorted him off. After the flight attendant put out the cigarette (on the tray table – lovely…) the man apparently sat quietly for the remainder of the flight and did not cause any more problems.

Some have criticized the passengers around him for making a spectacle of him rather than stopping him. Clearly, they knew he was breaking the rules and did not even try to help the guy out. He now faces a fine of up to $4,000.

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But I don’t blame the passengers. Now this is just speculation on my part, but the passenger in question looks like a prime victim of the opined crisis gripping the USA. Perhaps he needed a fix and was going so crazy that he lit up a cigarette in desperation. That’s doesn’t excuse his conduct in the least, but it does contextualize it a bit (if that is the case). I’d be hesitant to approach a passenger I felt was drugged up.


I thought the man’s reaction to being “busted” was hilarious. Even so, the primary point here is not to poke fun at the man. Rather, it is a reminder that smoking remains illegal on-board and that those who break the rules likely do not do so with a clear mind.

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