A World First! Infinity Pool with 360 Degree Views

Called Infinity London, the project would be made from cast acrylic and feature transparent sides and floors.

We have all seen or taken pictures ourselves at infinity pools around the world. So what pool pictures would it take to impress people nowadays? How about an infinity pool with 360 degree views.

That’s exactly what’s in the plans in London, a rooftop infinity pool with unobstructed views of the London skyline on all sides.

The designs for the 600,000-liter pool and 55-story building, named Infinity London, have been unveiled by Compass Pools. The designers claim the concept is a world-first.

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The pool will be made from cast acrylic per CNN. It will feature transparent sides and floors. So while you take in the amazing views of London, visitors below will be able to see you swimming around above them.

My first thought when seeing the images was “how do you get in there?” There are no stairs on the outside of the pool or the building. But no, they don’t just drop you in. Instead, a spiral staircase that rotates and rises through the water provides access for swimmers.

The pool will also be fitted with a built-in anemometer to monitor wind speed, and will be linked to a computer-controlled building management system that will regulate the pool’s temperature and ensure water doesn’t spill onto the streets below. The water will be heated using waste energy from the building’s air conditioning system.

The pool will be part of a five-star hotel that will sit just underneath it in the top stories of the skyscraper.

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